Orblynx has successfully delivered a broad range of complex healthcare consultancy projects designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. This has provided us with valuable experience relating to primary, secondary and tertiary care for both private and public sector clients.

Medical & Facilities Planning

Orblynx is the premiere healthcare company leading today’s competitive healthcare market. The Orblynx planning and design services offer clients an innovative, professional and cost-effective approach to challenging problems.

Orbylynx Provides:

Medical equipping

Medical equipping demands more than just a list of required items. Orblynx’s expertise ensures that scheduling, coordination and compatibility of medical equipment is designed to streamline the operations of the health facility and optimize revenues for our client.

Orbylynx Provides:

Facilities and equipment maintenance

Management of physical assets is vital to the efficient and effective delivery of high quality healthcare services. Orblynx recognizes that information is the cornerstone upon which the management of assets is based and enables a planned systematic approach for adoption. Orblynx provides comprehensive operational maintenance to its clients. Within this role, Orblynx not only maintains plant, distribution services and equipment, but also helps formulate asset replacement plans as part of strategic reviews covering productivity, cost and fitness for the service need.

Turnkey design, construction and project management

Orblynx has particular expertise in managing healthcare projects of all sizes and complexity to coordinate and manage the many specialized activities involved in the design and construction of complex modern healthcare facilities

Commissioning and systems development

Orblynx commissioning team coordinates activities with local management to guide the projects during intense the commissioning program. At the same time they provide a transfer of management skills to those who eventually will be responsible for the operation of the facility.

Education and training

Education and training are critical to the success of healthcare projects, and proper support, be it at managerial or clinical level, play a vital role in a smooth transition to new solutions. Orblynx undertakes the responsibility to provide top-class Training and Education services to its clients, to create a recipe for success for all stakeholders involved in the project.

Healthcare Management System

Obrlynx Healthcare Management System enables automated management for the administrative and clinical workflows and processes of Hospitals. Orblynx provides advanced functionality for streamlining and optimizing workflow management, billing, scheduling, inventory control and combines this information with electronic patient records to advance a complete healthcare management solution, reducing staff workload and enhancing the quality of care delivery

Healthcare Training

Hospitals / General Training
Human Resources Training
Long-Term Care Training
Ambulatory Care Training
Home Healthcare / Hospice Training

Quality assurance systems

Orblynx recognizes that your primary focus is to provide quality care for your patients, and delivers the highest standards of corporate and personal conduct to ensure that you meet, and exceed, your patients’ needs. Total Quality Management operates throughout the hospitals managed by Orblynx, as well as underpinning consultancy activities such as operational commissioning and training. This applies not only to patient care but the whole range of activities undertaken.


Irrespective of whether a health facility is a private venture or under a government contract, financing, venture capital and commissioning costs play a vital role in its success. Having Orblynx involved as the reputed international healthcare consultancy, planning and management company throughout the development of a project under a turnkey arrangement gives potential equity and loan investors confidence that money will be well spent. It also provides an assurance that the highest levels of healthcare will be delivered to the targeted population. Orblynx may be able to assist under a turnkey development project by arranging competitive financing options on behalf of the client.

Mobile medical clinics

Orblynx has expertise developing mobile medical clinics to provide comprehensive healthcare services to rural and remote or generally inaccessible areas. The aim is to provide wider access to health services, including maternal health and preventive measures for these remote areas.

Market surveys and business case studies

Orblynx provides vital marketing and business development support to its clients through a wide range of Market Surveys, Feasibility and Business Case studies. Technical surveys which enable efficient utilization of resources, help forecast demand, phasing options, the return on investment, as well as determine the appropriate functional content to meet the predicted health demands from a defined catchments population.